The Viking Feast

Mjølner's 'The Viking Feast' set menu is pre-cooked for you to finish at home with our easy to follow instructional cards. Orders are in multiples of 2 guests with a maximum of 10. 

Pre-orders to be in by 3pm for next day delivery/pick-up.

Select any extra dishes you would like to add from our menu for a little indulgence.

WANT A VEGETARIAN FEAST? Please note how many guests require vegetarian in the notes of your order, LOCATED IN YOUR SHOPPING CART. We do not accept any other dietary requirements.


Gravlax, pickled cucumber, horseradish cream, oat & linseed cracker
Burrata, confit mushrooms, tarragon, toasted Rye bread

Beef Short Rib, meat glaze, white radish, chimichurri
Rotisserie Chicken, sweet corn, corn powder, chicken jus

Vegetarian Option:
Pumpkin, ricotta dumpling, sage burnt butter

Potatoes, goats cheese, cornichons, shallot
Broccolini, red pepper and almond sauce

Apple Waffle Crumble