Five Cocktail Flight

Five Cocktail Flight

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Fancy a taste of them all? Well we have you covered with our cocktail flight which consists 5 full pour crafted cocktails by the team at Mjølner.

#1 Battle Axe - Ron Zacappa, 23 Rum, Makers Mark, Chicory, Walnut leaf, Maple & Bitters

#2 Svas Blood - Plymouth Gin, Martini Bianco, Goats Milk, White chocolate & Strawberry.

#3 Reginleif-  Havana 7 Rum, Cochi Torino, Maraschino, Tiki Bitters & Blackberry.

#4 Loder - Hendricks Gin, Pear & Dill Infused Martini Ambrato, Washed With Burnt Butter.

#5 Elding -  Lot40 Rye Whiskey, Breakfast Campari, Apricot Infused Sweet Vermouth.